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Boba Barista's reusable eco-friendly organic bamboo straws are the perfect alternative to single-use plastic straws. Enjoy our bamboo straws with hot and cold beverages of your choice. 

Scientists estimate that there are 437 million to 8.3 billion plastic straws in our ocean around the world. We may not be scientists but Boba Barista knows reusable eco-friendly organic bamboo straws is a great start to combatting the problem against single-use plastic.

Reusable Bamboo Straw Set includes: 

  • 10 Eco-Friendly Organic Bamboo Straws (12-15mm in diameter)
  • 1 Coconut Fibre Straw Cleaning Brush

Our straws are easy to clean with our coconut bristle straw cleaner or place them into the dishwasher!

** Just like us, our bamboo straws are unique. Our bamboo straws come in all shapes, sizes and colours. All of our straws  vary in diameter (12-15mm) and length, however still perfect for bubble tea, smoothies, or any beverage of your liking. 


Usage and Storage Information

  • Wash in warm soapy water with the cleaning brush supplied before first use
  • Hand wash or place in dishwasher after use
    (We recommend using the cleaning brush to prolong your straws for longer!)
  • Completely air dry
  • Store in a cool, dry area


Why should I use reusable straws instead of plastic straws?

Plastic Straws are non-biodegradable and take thousands to millions of years to break down. They usually end up in landfill or the ocean and harm the planet. You and I can help save our planet by switching to straws made out of paper, metal, or bamboo. Boba Barista offers all three.

Why should I purchase Boba Barista Straws?

Boba Barista’s high – quality sustainably sourced bamboo straws are 100% organic, eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, biodegradable and pesticide free. Our straws are hygienic, 100% food-grade and easy to clean. Our straws are also a fun and unique tool to impress friends and family. Use them in bubble tea, smoothies, cocktails, or however you want. Still not convinced? Keep reading below for the advantages of bamboo straws.

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo straws?

  • Bamboo straws are great for hot and cold drinks! Unlike other alternatives bamboo doesn’t heat up like metal and glass straws.
  • Bamboo Straws don’t get soggy and are reusable unlike paper straws.
  • Bamboo has a more natural feel compared to metal straws… they’re better to kiss to put your lips on ;)
  • Easy to clean. Our bamboo has been heat treated to make them more durable than traditional bamboo. Our straws are dishwasher safe. However they will last longer if you scrub inside of the straw with the coconut fibre straw cleaner, this ensures you remove any stick bits such as tapioca pearls, jellies or remnants from smoothies.
  • Bamboo straws are biodegradable and can break down easily unlike stainless steel straws. Once your straw starts to show wear and tear. You can throw your straw out into garbage, compost or burry it in your garden.
  • Alternatively you can use give our bamboo straws a second life as a cable organiser, no heat hair curling rods, mini rolling pin, or blowgun. We’re not sure how effective these alternative uses are, but you can give it try or reuse the straws in whatever way you imagine. We’d love to see how you reuse our bamboo straws. Use the hashtag #bobabaristarecycled or submit an email showcasing your creativity here.


  • Bamboo Straws usually only last 6 months. More or less depending how you care for your straws. Information on how to care for your straws can be found below.
  • Bamboo straws require a bit of care, but so does anything you put your kiss like your partner, children, yourself or our straws… (don’t worry if you’re alone. You’ll always have the Boba Barista community) 
  • Bamboo usually takes it sweet time to decompose, anywhere between 4 months to three years. This depends several conditions such as soil, temperature and atmosphere.

How long does it take for bamboo to decompose?

  • Bamboo usually takes it sweet time to decompose, anywhere between 4 months to three years. This depends several conditions such as soil, temperature and atmosphere.

Customer Reviews

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Buckila Barnes

Great for the environment, and they're so easy to clean! Definitely reccomend

Kerry Smith
fantastic for the eco conscious

finally have straws big enough for my smoothies, boba and frozens

Nicole Ye

Very easy to clean and good material

Love Samara Bags

My kids love using the bamboo straws!