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Mango Jelly

Great if you like the chewy nata de coco with strong, sweet syrup flavour

Lychee Popping Pearls

Delicious burst with every bite. Great addition to any fruit tea. Also great on other light desserts, especially Asian-style

Mango Popping Pearls

A burst of flavour with every bite! Goes well in any fruit drink AND also on yoghurt haha

Love it

I love this creamer powder, it goes well with my green tea. Very yummy !

So good!

Tastes delicious, just like you'd get at a Boba store!

Very cute

It's such a cute cup! The only issues is that you can't put it in the dishwasher and the lid is a little hard to get on properly sometimes, but other than that it's great.


Wish they came in a bigger bag. Love them

Lychee Syrup 500ml
Carol Bowman

Love it

Yummy bursts of flavour

Delicious pearls - a really nice size and good flavour. Syrup is also yummy to add to sparkling water - and with the pearls not a "tea" but a fun way for the kids to have the pearls.


Love your flavours


I’ve ordered the green tea kit 3 times and don’t think I’ll ever switch. Their customer service is amazing and don’t get me started on how yum the peach tea is. Couldn’t recommend it enough!

Love love love

Best thing ever. Was a little nervous at first because I thought it might be small but it is PERFECT boba size!! The straw is immaculate. Gets every last piece of boba and drink. 10000/10

Apple syrup

We are thoroughly enjoying the flavour. We found that we add more due to the flavoured tea I brought (Jasmine). We mix ours with Lychee pearls and it's divine. Thank you. Ill be ordering more

Taro Milk Tea
Rebecca Meisner
Taro slushie

Give it a go - Taro Slushie. Make bubble tea in shaker, pop shaker in freezer, shake every 30 minutes to 1 hour till slushie and drink.

Also love lychee syrup.

Quick and delicious

A lot easier to make than expected and really quite tasty! I made extra so left them in the sweetener over night and a quick microwave reheat the next day and they were perfect again!
Yum !

Peach Syrup 500ml
Michelle K
Great purchase

Taste just like those bought from bubble tea stores. Ensure you add the syrup in room temperature/ cold tea or it will taste a bit sour if added in hot tea.

Great purchase

Lychee tea has always been my go-to order at bubble tea stores, this tastes just like those ordered from the stores and is much cheaper in a long run as well! 100% will buy again!

Peach Syrup 500ml
Rhonda Sultana
Peach syrup

Amazing I love the flavour and the company is fantastic

Contact Accessibility

The products are as ordered. The only thing is there is no contact details (phone number) for easy approachability. I placed an order and it took a while to update progress on my order. I could not contact the business via phone call to follow up on my order. Hope all type of contact details would be available in the future. Thank you Boba Barista.

Great for the environment, and they're so easy to clean! Definitely reccomend

Peach syrup and all pearls

Omg these products are amazing, I can’t recommend them more highly, love, love, love them

Coconut Milk Tea Kit
Hidiyah darwich
Ssooo delicious but needs further info

The flavour is sooooo incredibly delicious even without any add ins!
Weird that the coconut flavour and milk blend have different serving sizes so the milk with run out halfway through

However, when it arrived the packaging had no instructions on how to use the blends and make the drink, neither was there a card inside the box.
There was a mention online the website had the recipe up but there were only 3. All of which were nothing like the blend I purchased

I ended up winging it based on the receipes I read and found that 2tbsp of each powder + 1tbsp of sweetener is heaven on earth!

But please provide recipes for all blends thank you! Other than that it so perfect!

Loved it!

I’ve never actually had a honeydew milk tea before so I gave this a try and I’m really glad I did! It’s sweet but not sickeningly sweet and actually tasted like honeydew melon but concentrated. Play around with the amount because I found I didn’t need a full tbsp. For 8 serves you get 250 g creamer, 250 g flavouring and 150 ml fructose.

So good!

I’ve tried fructose from other companies and it’s always tasted really artificial and gross but not this one. This one is sweet and delicious. It mixes in easily and you get so much in the jars, so it goes a long way. Really glad I got it.

Mm yum

Little bubbles of sweetness, but I have to say I like the mango flavour more