1. Steep your choice of tea in 250ml of hot water 

  2. Add grape syrup and fructose to tea. Stir until dissolved. Then choose from one of the three methods below to complete your recipe!

  3. Stirring method: Add ice and stir until desired temperature achieved.


  4. Shaker method: Add ice and flavoured milk tea into shaker and shake tea until it reaches the 500ml mark.

  5. Warm / Hot Milk Tea: Substitute ice with 250ml warm water or your choice of mylk and stir.

  6. Bonus Step:  Add in your favourite toppings!

Recipe Note


Boba Barista's Recipes are customisable to your taste. Play around to to find your perfect combination.


Fancy milk tea? Add 50-100ml of milk of your choice to your fruit tea