Tapioca Pearls 30/30 Method

A fool proof tapioca pearl recipe that's worth the effort. 



  • Carol

    Works perfectly! Just have to make sure the water is BOILING HOT before you add the pearls or else your pearls will just fall apart in the water.

  • Natalie Anderson

    Took a couple of goes but I followed the recipe and turned out perfect after the second try.

  • Maureen

    Terrible tapioca pearls. Always turns into a gooey blob. Disappointed

  • Georgie

    I got my first order came last week, so excited. I was a little disappointed to see that some of the tapioca pearls in the 1kg bag appeared to be squashed & powdery, when I made my first batch of pearls they were a stodgy lumpy mess. I then tried a small amount in a microwave cup & 2 minutes in the microwave with a stir, then a further 30 seconds a few more times stirring in between until it resembled the pearls ‘brown ones’.

  • Katrina

    The pearls turned out well but the cooking method is way off. Have to add to boiling water and only need to cook for 20 minutes then add to sugar syrup and soak for a few minutes, then ready to go.

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